Aldens Commitment to the Environment (ACE) Policy
We recognise the impact our business, and industry has on our environment and we are fully committed to minimalizing this. Having already made significant changes, we regularly review and invest in improvements, always seeking opportunities to reduce energy use and waste generation.

What steps have we taken so far?
 Recycling where we can.
We recycle all our plastic and cardboard, almost 100 tonnes every single year. We reduce the chance of our waste ending in landfill or the ocean.

 Reducing food miles:
Where possible, we use local and regional suppliers to reduce food miles and the impact of transport.

 Transport efficiency
All are vehicles meet the Euro 6 requirements. Investments in the latest real time tracking devices which monitors everything from fuel consumption, to speeding, heavy breaking to route planning. The are all designed for our drivers to drive in a more efficient style.

 Fully electric delivery
We’re proud to have Oxfordshire’s first fully electric, refrigerated delivery van. It produces zero emissions when being used, further reducing our carbon footprint.

What else are we doing?
Whilst we have taken many steps in recent years, we’re not done yet. Aldens of Oxford are striving to become carbon neutral in all direct operations and significantly reduce our broader carbon footprint.

Sustainable energy
Conducting an unfeasibility study into using solar panels and harnessing the heat energy lost using fridges and using it as a heat source, reducing our overall energy use.

Building our electric vehicle fleet- We’re planning to move to a completely electric fleet within 5 years if technology allows and we’re are working closely with our logistic partners on this.